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    Stress and Exercise

    <h3>Stress and Exercise</h3>   Stress is something we all deal with in varying amounts and we all have different reactions. The physiological response is a rise in heart rate, tightening of the muscles, and a spike of adrenaline and cortisol that increase physical strength and …

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    Living the Colorado Lifestyle

    The Colorado Lifestyle All the snow is finally gone and the sun is out (for good, finally) and Coloradans are getting active! Here are some summertime challenges, their health benefits, and some tips to prepare: ​​Hiking ​● Benefits: Cardio workout, strengthens upper legs and core, …

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    Taking Charge With Fitness Goals

    Understanding Fitness Goals There’s no better feeling as a trainer than to see a client feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with reaching a goal. Whether it’s weight loss or strength gains, to know that you were part of their journey and helped them …

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