Among The Most Unique Gyms in Denver

You’re an individual with a unique physical makeup. So why are you on the same workout routine as everyone else?

At Base Fitness Denver, we understand the importance of customizing a workout to fit into someone’s lifestyle. Sticking to a varied exercise routine on a consistent basis will help you achieve your goals.

To keep your routine fresh and exciting our trainers have developed our Base Workout Challenges. It keeps Base Fitness one of the most creative and involved gyms in Denver. Introduced the first week of every month, participants are asked to complete the demonstrated work out with highest amount of reps in the allotted time.

The goal is for clients to see the steady improvements they make throughout the month with each attempt of breaking their own record. Clients who participate in the monthly challenges will find their results posted every Monday on the Base Fitness Facebook page. Everyone can benefit from a little fitness competition.

Check back the first week of each month to see Base Fitness’ newest challenge; We can guarantee they will make you sweat!

Base Fitness challenge participants will have the opportunity to assist our trainers in designing monthly challenges. Ask one of our trainers today how you can participate in creating the next Base Workout Challenge.

November Fitness Challenge

October Fitness Challenge

September Fitness Challenge