Complete Fitness in Denver

Everyone has different wellness and fitness goals that are based on lifestyle, age, ability and needs.

At Base Fitness Denver, we’ve taken these lifestyle variables into account and have customized training regimes that fit almost every lifestyle need.

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You can now click here to purchase packages online. Just click the link and you will be directed to our MindBodyOnline store. For current clients, select the “New to our site?” option and look for your name. You will then be prompted to enter some verification information and viola. For new clients, just enter your personal information and create a new account. After creating your personal login, you can then purchase any type of session we offer. Simple, easy, and convenient. There is no reason not to start today. Just contact us and we will help you get on your path to achieving your goals.

Each one of the lifestyle fitness options below are based on 45 minutes sessions that are guaranteed to be challenging helping to make you healthier and stronger. Click here for a downloadable price list.


Customized 1-on-1 Personal Fitness Training:

Lifestyle variables such as work, travel, family and social responsibilities can hinder a consistent workout schedule. Our trainers will work with you to develop a customized fitness program based on specific lifestyle demands, goals, skill level, intensity and nutrition. Our main priority to to help your fitness goals become reachable according to your daily schedule.

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Duet Fitness Training:

Looking for a way to get fit with a friend or family member? Training in tandem with a partner can be inspiring, invigorating and motivating. Workouts can be customized to the needs of both participants and is also a cost-effective way to meet fitness goals. Studies have shown that higher levels of fitness can be achieved if two people work in tandem. There are few substitutes for honest support when it comes to personal fitness!

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Injury Recuperation Training:

Fitness injuries and surgeries can set you back. Our trainers work with you after the completion of a physical therapy program to help continue establishing strength, conditioning, flexibility and stamina while incorporating fitness back into a healthy lifestyle.

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Strengthening and Conditioning:

Become a stronger, faster and more powerful version of yourself with strength and conditioning training. Whether working toward a sports fitness goal or just a better version of yourself, our program design variables can help reach specific training goals.

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Boot Camps:

What is Boot Camp? Boot Camp is a combination of cardiovascular and muscular endurance broken down into interval training mixed with the camaraderie of working out with a group of people. Base Fitness Denver Boot Camp accommodates multiple fitness levels and integrates an indoor/outdoor format that keeps the training regimen fresh. Expect to burn 500-1000 calories per session and watch your body transform.

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