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Tony Martinez


Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Tony Martinez has been a personal trainer in the fitness industry for the last five years. He has a broad range of experience, training everyone from student athletes to clients 80 years young, and even a client with MS.

His passion for fitness stems from his childhood. It followed him through his military enlistment and has helped him prepare for a career as a firefighter and emergency medical tech. With that introduction, Tony realized the potential he had to offer others. He believes that anything is achievable with the right amount of desire and determination. Tony’s commitment to the physical health of his clients is personified by his work ethic and drive: “To me it’s not about where you are, but where you want to go and how hard you’re willing to work to get there.”


Brian Jones


I grew up in Colorado playing all sports, organized and otherwise. I competed at the Division II level, thus officially beginning my education and journey into the health and fitness world. Where I earned a degree in Exercise Science with a Certification as a Cancer Exercise Specialist at the University of Northern Colorado. From there, Physical Therapy and Cardiac Rehabilitation. I have continued to help numerous clients achieve their goals- ranging from walking with prosthetics to completing Ironman triathlons.
I am inspired by the global change fitness and health can have on an individual. This is what pushed me into health and fitness. While in college, competing in athletics, and deciding what I wanted to pursue, a close friend suffered a terrible accident. He nearly died, and was told he would never work or be able to use his left arm again. Now, he has completed nearly 50 half marathons, ultra-distance races, is employed full-time, and is healthy and helping others. How? Physical Therapy and the process of fitness. I observed the direct, rippling effect personalized movement and fitness had on him, and I knew that was what I wanted to do- improve others’ lives through my passion for health, fitness, and purposeful movement.
My goal is to help my clients lead better days, weeks, months, and lives. I want them to feel better when they leave the gym, to be able to do and know more than they did before, to be able to accomplish the things they strive for, and to challenge themselves. We are all capable of more- sometimes we just need help to get there.